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Take advantage of our experience!

Our team have many years of experience working across the sport, leisure and community sectors. We have worked on a huge range of projects, and whilst it is impossible to list all of these, the details below should help you get a feel for the wide range of our experience:

Delivering facility development projects. 

We are often involved in projects from bidding to opening. This area of our work has included developing all sorts of sports facilities. Larger projects included new swimming pools, sports halls and artificial turf pitches, but we have also worked on security fencing, toilet blocks, portacabins and other more modest schemes. Projects have been located at public leisure centres, commercial premises, sports club grounds and school sites offering both school and community use.

Key projects include:

  • Pingles Leisure Centre.
  • Sandon High School Sports Hall.
  • New Horizons Sports Hall.
  • Wallace Centre refurbishment.
  • Dimensions Leisure Centre and Northwood Stadium third-generation (3G) pitches.

More recently we have worked to deliver a new community gym for CARE (Herefordshire) CIC in Pontrilas.

Undertaking natural turf and artificial pitch based developments

These schemes are far more difficult to get right than people often realise. We have completed many of these schemes. From finding funding and delivering minor pitch improvement schemes right through to major football developments, we have experience of it all. 

Key projects include:

  • 3G pitches at Dimensions Leisure Centre and Northwood Stadium.
  • The Bradeley, Hardman and Packmoor Football Development Centres.
  • Fenton Park Pavilion refurbishment and the Trubshaw Cross Pavilion relocation.
  • Floodlighting schemes for match pitches. 

These have required:

  • Complex planning issues to be addressed.
  • Securing external grants and other funds such as from section 106 agreements.
  • Working with pitch design specialists and contractors.
  • Leading project delivery.

Re-branding and market positioning

Projects for existing and new services and facilities, including the 2019 GV Fitness Centre launch, 2017 Wallace Sport and Education Centre re-launch, and Stoke-on-Trent Sport and Leisure Services re-branding

Helping to secure major awards and international recognition

Including as Stoke-on-Trent 2016 and Milton Keynes 2020 title as European City of Sport from ACES Europe.

Marketing of sporting events and activities

Such as the marketing of a Paralympic Flame Festival in 2012 and a Paralympic Celebration in 2016 as well as Stoke-on-Trent’s huge European City of Sport programme in 2016.

Funding for large and small-scale projects

Securing funds for, then the ongoing development, delivery and long-term maintenance of projects that target young people at risk of social exclusion and engage them with the community through sport. Some of these have significant received national awards and been recognised by organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the British Heart Foundation as examples of good practice. Key projects include: Closing the Gap, StreetGames Stoke-on-Trent.

Major high-profile sporting events

Securing and successfully hosting events such as the Tour of Britain, Tour Series, UK Corporate Games, Paralympic Flame Festival and many other smaller events.

Securing external grants

Assisting sports clubs, community groups and other organisations to identify potential funders then secure funding from £500 to huge investments of many hundreds of thousand pounds. This has included both capital and revenue funding and included traditionally hard to fund items like grounds maintenance equipment or storage buildings. 

Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

CAT is really complex and we have the experience needed to make the case and develop the systems needed to enable the transfer of public assets to the community. Our experience includes supporting complex Community Asset Transfer proposals for large scale public facilities. Key examples include the development and management of Stoke-on-Trent City Councils scheme for the self-management of sports pitches and the successful transfer of the Hardman Football Development Centre to Milton United FC and work on the transfer of the Burslem Gymnastics Centre.

Delivering community projects

We have extensive experience of working with local residents associations and community groups, often in deprived areas, to meet local needs by securing funds and delivering projects. These projects have often focused on offering activities for young people and families. Common goals have been to increase physical activity, address poverty and combat antisocial behaviour. 

Preparing business and marketing plans

Our experience includes helping schools, sports clubs, public sports facilities and social enterprises to check how their facilities are run and develop sustainable business plans. Many of these have also been linked to securing external grants. Projects have included work for CARE (Herefordshire) CIC at the GV Fitness Centre and Kilnworx CIC.

Providing training

We have delivered training, planned and facilitated workshops and presented at many major events. This has included occasions such as delivering a workshop on income generation at Table Tennis Englands 2019 annual conference. 

Designing and delivering consultation exercises

We have worked with many organisations to conduct face to face, online and social media-based surveys and run other community consultation events. Once these are complete we have then prepared a detailed analysis report for presentation to potential funders. This has often been vital to helping make the case for investment. Recent consultation projects for clients include work for:

  • Milton Keynes Council
  • The Rudyard Lake Trust
  • CARE (Herefordshire) CIC
  • Kidsgrove Athletic FC
  • Foley Meir FC 
  • Kilnworx CIC