All too often getting investment including grant funding is the main barrier to delivering the project your organisation needs.

Where ever you are in the sport, leisure or community sector, unfortunately, unlike the early days of the National Lottery, finding the right funder and convincing them to support your idea has become increasingly challenging and competitive. Under these conditions, even the most experienced organisations with strong projects often struggle securing grants or other forms of investment and funding. As a result, a degree of determination is certainly required!

An informed approach to your funding search, project development and bidding is no longer just a ‘good idea’ it has become essential to success.

Fortunately for our clients, getting a range of investment and funding for sport, leisure and community projects is an area of work where we really shine!

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How we can help

To help you secure funding we can:

  • Research the full range of possible sports grants and other funders available and provide a focused funding report. Our report rates each opportunity in terms of both value and likely difficulty as well as providing tactical advice to help guide any future bid. Our report won’t just consider grants but also the pros and cons of newer options like Crowdfunding and Social Investment.
  • Review how your organisation is structured and if this is helping you reach your goals.
  • Audit your facilities and how you currently operate, identifying any opportunities or gaps.
  • Identify what the outcomes of your plans will be and set these out in a way funders can readily understand.
  • Help establish that what you want to do is supported both within your organisation and the wider community.
  • Ensure that you have a clear business plan and can show funders how any project will both impact your current activity and become sustainable.
  • Help you obtain quotes suitable to present to funders.
  • Draft a realistic project plan to ensure that everything gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Ensure that you get the credit you deserve for your work in the media.

Our approach

Step 1

When working with a new client we start off by getting a really good understanding of their setup and what they are hoping to achieve. Once we have this we recommend a bespoke funding report is produced. This allows us to carefully investigate the full range of funding and other investment opportunities available.

In preparing the funding report we ensure that all potential funding strategies are considered. This often includes some that clients may not have been aware of or not considered, such as approaching funders from outside the sport, leisure and community sector.

In reviewing sources of funding we consider

  • Grant programmes including European, Lottery, Football Foundation, Government Funds, Trusts and Foundations and other grant funders
  • Social investment and loans
  • Sponsorship
  • Crowdfunding
  • Income generation and fundraising

We will also try to speak to those funders who offer the best fit and explore their level of interest in your scheme.

Once our research is complete each opportunity is ranked considering factors such as:

  • The anticipated conditions and level of funding available
  • Requirements for match funding
  • Complexity of bidding
  • Level of competition for funds
  • The overall likelihood of success

This information allows the client to decide what funding options to initially peruse and determine how complex this might be.

Step 2

Should you need help either to ensure your project is investment ready or to prepare your bids, we can provide as much or as little support as required. Our goal is to help you ensure that you submit the strongest bids possible to your selected funders. Depending on your capacity and skills our involvement might include things like:

  • Reviewing and updating your policies and procedures as applicable
  • Suggesting alterations to your organisation’s legal structure to make securing investment easier and protect your members
  • Developing briefs for any work that’s required and securing quotations/tenders
  • Bringing in technical specialists like architects and quantity surveyors as needed
  • Helping to secure planning permission (if required)
  • Preparing business, marketing and sports development plans
  • Developing a clear strategic case for your project based on consultation, local and national strategy, evidence of need and demographic information
  • Building your funding strategy, including helping you decide where match funding will come from
  • Making bids, either by writing them for you or by editing a draft prepared by yourselves

Of course, not all of this is always required, a lot depends on how much you want to ask for and from who.

Our Experience

Our team has over 25 years experience in bidding to all sorts of funders, both within the sport, leisure and community sector and those interested in other objectives such as the Landfill Tax Credit scheme. We have prepared successful bids from £500 right up to multi-million-pound schemes for both new facilities and activity programmes. This ensures that you can be confident, if you put your trust in us, that you will get the best possible advice and support.

Contact us for a free initial discussion or to arrange an introductory meeting. Once we properly understand your needs we can develop a formal no obligation fixed price quote for your consideration.