Great news, £4,995 community project funding for C.A.R.E.


More Community Project Funding for CARENew Community Project Funding for C.A.R.E.

It’s always great to see a project go from strength to strength. In this case, I’m pleased to report that we have now received confirmation that yet another funder, Herefordshire Community Foundations IRON Fund has agreed to support the amazing work of C.A.R.E. Herefordshire CIC.

The new £4,995 grant will help C.A.R.E expand their work by covering the cost of key new youth work staff and vital equipment needed to deliver much-needed youth provision for the Golden Valley. This will include a new weekly teen cafe and a kids club, both of which will run for at least the next twelve months. Both projects will commence by spring 2020.

Of course, the new youth provision does not represent the limit of the awards benefit. New digital projection equipment provided via the grant will be fitted in the hub/cafe and this will bring an exciting new dimension to C.A.R.E.s lunch clubs and other services for older and more isolated people, many of who live with long term health conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. For example, the new equipment will let C.A.R.E. play a wide range of nostalgic footage that has been proven to trigger conversation and other interaction through positive reminiscence and have a positive impact on cognitive function. 

The new equipment also opens up the possibility for C.A.R.E. to offer occasional community movie nights and similar events to bring local people of all ages together to socialise and enjoy a wide range of films. 

A key part of securing this grant was our ability to respond quickly to a new funding opportunity. This meant we are able to prepare the bid very quickly whilst also ensuring that a strong case was still made. Critical to this was our design and delivery of a simple community survey to establish what youth provision already existed and how this was used/viewed by the community. 

Now that the required community project funding is secure our role will not stop. as part of the services, CARE have asked us to provide we will continue to support them with a wide range of activity required to deliver this exciting project including staff recruitment and the procurement of the new equipment. On top of this, we will keep a close eye out on the horizon for further funding opportunities where we feel it is possible to help C.A.R.E. take further steps towards their goal of making the Golden Valley the best possible place for everyone who lives there.

Part of a Bigger Picture

This will be the fifth new source of community project funding we have been able to help C.A.R.E. secure in the last 12 months and brings the total value of funding we have secured for them to date up to around £90,000.

It’s easy to forget the potentially transformative value that small grants and other small scale community project funding this can have. Especially when scope exists to combine two or more grants into a series of interlinked projects as we have done for C.A.R.E.

Once all of the projects are up and running C.A.R.E.s overall activity level and with this, their impact will have enormously grown. The last 12 months have already seen C.A.R.E. move from strength to strength taking them from a small but important local CIC with limited employees to a significant local employer providing vital and highly valued services to the whole of its community. This growing success also creates a strong platform for C.A.R.E.s further growth and increases the opportunities to secure further and potentially larger grants in the future. 

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Staffordshire Ladsandads win grounds maintenance equipment grants

Ladsandads grounds maintenance equipment grants





HeawardSports Ltd. help Ladsandads secure more grant funding

We are really pleased to tell you that we have once again been able to help Staffordshire youth football charity ‘Ladsandads’ secure more sports grants. This time funding has been awarded by both the Red Industries Landfill Community Fund and the Football Foundation.

Great pitches need good grounds maintenance equipment

The funding which totals £51,550 will be used to purchase new grounds maintenance equipment incuding a seeder, slitter and assorted attachments. Whilst the brand new equipment will be based at Ladsandads Trubshaw Cross site, which was the key focus of the bids. When its not needed there it will be used at the other sites this dynamic charity now operates across North Staffordshire. In this way literally thousands of children and young people will benefit from greatly improved natural turf football facilites to play on each season long into the future. 

With dedicated volunteers, great facilities and quality coaching from Ladsandads football funs should look out for another future football star to emerge from the area! Ladsandads certainly have a great track record in producing talented players including the following and this investment can only help!

Ladsandads Secure £27,252 For New Toilet Block

With support for Heawardsports Ltd. Newcastle Ladsandads can now press ahead with improving their ground at Pool Dam in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Earlier this year we helped the Newcastle-Under-Lyme branch of children’s football charity, Staffordshire LadsanDads secure a grant of £27,252. The grant comes from local company Red Industries, Landfill Communities Fund. It will pay for installation and connection to mains services of a brand new vandal resistant steel storage container at Pool Dam. The container will be specially converted to provide much needed male and female toilets. This make it far more comfortable for the parents, players and supporters of both home and away teams using the site. Crucially it will also help enhance the safeguarding of the hundreds of children using the site each week.

In the last 12 months we helped Ladsandads secure grants of £29,729 to fence the Pool Dam site in and two further grants of £8,250 and £23,700 for new tractors at their Blurton and Trubshaw Cross branches. This means that to date we have helped Staffordshire Ladsandads secure over £88,000!

Red Industries - Ladsandads

Toilet block layout
An example of what will be provided

£3,000 funding for youth sport in Kidsgrove

Funding for Youth Sport Allows Kidsgrove Football Club to Deliver Youth Activities

KAFC logo - funding for youth sport

After this mornings first PCC grant update the day keeps on getting better with more sports funding secured! The second bid I prepared in this round, this time for Kidsgrove Athletic Football Club has also been successful. The club has secured £3,000 funding for youth sport activity from Matthew Ellis the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner. 

This grant will help the club reach out to young people around Kidsgrove who are at risk of getting into trouble. Participants will come to the club once a week and get involved in sport and chill out in a safe and supportive setting.

As well as referrals coming from the Police. The club will be looking to work with relevant local organisations such as schools and colleges to refer potential participants. Please get in touch if you want to explore how your organisation can be part of the clubs work.

Staffs PCC logo

Peoples Power Fund Logo


Red Industries Grant £29,729 to Newcastle ‘Ladsandads’

RED Industries Grant Helps Newcastle Ladsandads

It was great to receive an update from Staffordshire based youth football institution ‘Ladsandads’ on Wednesday this week to say that their Newcastle Branch’s application for a grant had been successful in securing £29,729 from Red Industries Landfill Tax Credit Grant Programme.

HeawardSports Ltd. worked very closely with the Branch to help develop what was an urgent bid to meet the funders fast approaching deadline. Our work included designing and delivering a rapid online and hard copy consultation exercise and drafting the bid itself. The project will provide fencing to fully secure the site following a long history of vandalism, criminal damage, drug use and other anti-social behaviour on their Pool Dam site.  The site will also see a new sign and new goals erected giving it a smart fresh appearance.

For the 400 or so young people involved in the branch the project is the first step in transforming their home facilities. It will also have a significant positive impact for residents living next to Pool Dam who’s lives have at times been blighted by the historically high antisocial behaviour on the site. 

Congratulations Newcastle Ladsandads, keep up the good work!

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